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Founded in 1981 on the initiative of professor Paolo Pombeni, the Associazione per le Ricerche di Storia Politica (Political History Research Association) promotes the study of political history and comparative historical research; in 1986 the Association has founded the journal Ricerche di Storia Politica (Political History Research) that publishes articles, essay reviews and sections on the most important and innovative topics on political history. The journal’s book review section, “Biblioteca” (Library), is the richest in Italy as for its comparative and international approach to the field of study and to the choices of the books and the publishers, ranging from Italy, to Europe and to extra-European areas. Every year, two hundred volumes in five different languages are reviewed by Italian and international scholars and published in three different issues. The authors here deal with the most significant topics on Italian, European, Middle Eastern and Americas’ contemporary political history with an interdisciplinary approach, going beyond national history borders. Moreover, each issue contains a bibliographical review that defines the present condition of research and its development in different fields of political history. Ricerche di Storia Politica publishes monographic editions that give cause for historiographical debates and for round-tables in which history is recalled and discussed by its protagonists. All the articles are accompanied by an English summary and keywords and they are all submitted for close examination to Italian and international blind referee.

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