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Ricerche di Storia Politica publishes essays on the main and more recent topics about political history. The journal is mostly interested in a comparative approach and publishes new and original research papers about Italy, Europe and extra-European areas. Moreover, Ricerche di Storia Politica offers to his readership the widest section of book reviews published in Italy. 200 Italian and international books are reviewed every year by numerous experts.
Italian and foreign authors write about the main themes about contemporary political history. Many are the issues considered: the Versailles peace process, the Spanish transition to democracy, the Resistance to Nazism and Fascism in Europe, the role of leadership in contemporary history, the concept of populism, the figure of Alexis de Tocqueville. Every year Ricerche di Storia Politica publishes a monographic issue that plays a leading role within the historiographical debate and every issue includes a bibliographic essay on the major fields of political history.
Ricerche di Storia Politica, moreover, publishes several sections. One of them is «Confini» (Borders) in which interdisciplinary issues are discussed. «Memoria» (Memory) e «Testimoni della Storia» (History witnesses) present interviews with Italian and foreign distinguished personalities who were involved in key historical events of the past. Last but not least, «Dialoghi» (Dialogues) in which distinguished scholars are engaged in a debate about the most interesting themes of the historical research. In occasion of the roundtables history is recalled by who ‘made history’ through oral history methods applied to political history.
Ricerche di Storia Politica reached those results thanks to the diligence and the support of many people: junior scholars who are and have been part of the Editorial Office; past and present members of the Editorial Board; foreign scholars who offer their contribution as correspondents or consultants; all the people (more than 200) who contributed with essays or book reviews to every issue; and lastly, our subscribers, single person or institutions, that with their presence make possible for Ricerche di Storia Politica to evolve in the way it did. During the twenty years of its publication, Ricerche di Storia Politica has been able to cumulate wide experiences and collaborations that made it nowadays one of the most reliable journals not only in Italy but also at the international level. In recognition of this important path, in 2004 Ricerche di Storia Politica has been recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Activities as «periodical publication with high cultural value».

Ricerche di Storia Politica is an academic journal with an international wide presence: more than 40 institutions, European and extra-European, in fact, are subscribers. 101 Italian institutions are subscribers. Private citizens who receive the journal are 130. Issues of Ricerche di Storia Politica are freely sent to foreign and Italian scholars (respectively 30 and 56). Moreover, Ricerche di Storia Politica can be found in the Feltrinelli bookstores and it is distributed in occasion of international conferences and seminars.

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