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Ricerche di Storia Politica publishes all the articles after their assessment by external readers (blind referees). The acceptance of a manuscript for review by the Editorial Board does not automatically imply its publication. Once we receive the final version, the manuscript (without the author’s name and affiliation) will be evaluated anonymously by two outside scholars. The evaluation made by the referee will be then sent back to the author.
After the process of assessment, the editors endeavor to reach a decision on submitted manuscripts, sometimes proposing to the author to make corrections or reformulations based on the external readers’ evaluations.
All contributors should previously accept the above-mentioned selection method.
Ricerche di Storia Politica welcomes contributions from scholars interested in the field of studies that the journal covers. Contributors must strictly follow the guidelines included below:
1- An abstract explaining the main topic of the article (or review article) no longer than two typewritten pages should be sent to the editors; a list of the references used and approximate date of submission of the essay should also be sent to the editors.
2- Wait for the editors’ acceptance of publication. Upon the acceptance of an article, the contributors must guarantee: a) respect of submission deadline and guidelines that will be given to the contributors; b) a paper copy and an electronic copy of the typescript essay should be submitted. The electronic copy should be readable by Windows 95 or more recent; c) the acceptance of the release date proposed by the editors.
3- The authors must guarantee that the article has not previously been published, that it does not violate any government regulations; the authors should also guarantee that the essay won’t be published – not even partially reviewed or changed – elsewhere (neither in Italy nor abroad) in the two years following its publication on Ricerche di Storia Politica. Derogations from these rules must be authorized on paper by the editors.

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