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Summary 1998(1)


"Politicai historians had met the enemy": American political history in the decade 1986-1996 (Raffaella Baritono)

This review article analyses the evolution of American political history in the last decade, more than twenty years after its "crisis" began in the late Sixties. The recent debate on American historiographical scholarship stresses its fragmentation, the proliferation of "separate histories" and the search for a new synthesis. This search led most historians back to the study of politics and institutions, thus reviving the interest in political history. According to this article, the most relevant issues in recent American political history-writing are the following: 1) American political institutions, analysed both by historians and historically-oriented political scientists ("new institutionalism"): 2) the relationship which concepts normally connected with social history, such as class, race, ethnicity and gender, have with political history: 3) the reconceptualization of the idea of the "public sphere" in gender studies; and 4) the renewed interest in liberalism and conservatism brought about by the need to understand the crisis of contemporary American society.

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