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Summary 1998(1)


The formation of the political class in Italy, France and Great Britain, 1945-1956 (a cura di Giovanni Orsina)

This dialogue follows the international seminar The formation of the political class in Europe, 1945-1956, held in Rome on the 30th and 31st of October, 1997, and aims at discussing some of its results. By comparing the three countries, some common features of the selection of political classes in modern democracies emerge. On the other hand, obvious differences help pointing out the importance of peculiar factors and events in each of the national cases. The dialogue deals with tour main questions. The definition of some conceptual tools relevant to the study of the formation of élites, such as that of generation and that of political class. The renewal and/or continuity of political classes after 1945, and the ways through which "new" politicians, who reached relevant positions only after the war, were educated and selected. Where and how young people were mobilised and politicised in the period 1945-1956. The comparison of youth politics in the post-war decade with youth politics in the preceding and following periods.

Sito internet dell’Associazione a cura di Salvatore Botta

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