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Summary 2000(1)


Intervista a Raif Dizdarevic (a cura di Francesco Privitera)

Raif Dizdarevic occupied many key political positions in Yugoslavia in the years from the death of Tito until the collapse of the State. When Tito was still alive, Dizdarevic was President of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (a federal union of Yugoslavia). During the I980s he was President of the Federal Parliament, then Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the Federal Presidency of Yugoslavia in 1988-89. Later on, he retired, and during the Yugoslav secession war he remained in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in his village in Fojnica, close to the front-line. Thanks to the positions he occupied in the years 1979-1990, Dizdarevic acquired a unique knowledge of the political life of his country. This interview helps understand the roots of the decline and collapse of a nation; the impact of political, economic and cultural diversity; the reasons why support to the Yugoslav idea and State faded away.

Sito internet dell’Associazione a cura di Salvatore Botta

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