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Summary 2000(2)


After Ten Years. New Historical Interpretations of the German Democratic Republic (Ute Schneider)

In 1999 the Germans celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Federal Republic as well as the 10th of the "gentle revolution" in 1989, which caused the collapse of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Since then the GDR became another favourite topic of historical research due lo marvellous conditions of access to the archives. The following article deals with the latest literature on the German Democratic Republic (GDR). But this is a wide sphere and far that reason the survey mainly concentrates on the establishment of power, the relations between leaders and population and the role of elites. All these aspects are strongly connected with questions concerning the Soviet and Stalinist influence on the former GDR and the character of the dictatorship. While scientists agree on the GDR as a dictatorship, they still debate on its nature. Some propositions, arguments and even problems are presented in this survey.

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