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Summary 2000(3)


The debate on the crisis of the political system in fin-de-siècle Italy and Great Britain (1894-1898) (Giulia Guazzaloca)

This essay analyses how, in late Nineteenth-century Italy and Great Britain, the most relevant political journals examined and interpreted the changing and troubled state of representative institutions. In booth countries, a wide-ranging discussion took place about what intellectuals and politicians considered the "problem" of democracy and the necessary transformation of the political system. Arguments, perspectives and Solutions were obviously quite different in Italy and in Great Britain, both because in the Nineteenth century the two countries had had a very dissimilar institutional development, and because in Italy the 1898-1900 crisis had far more dramatic and unexpected consequences. Nevertheless, the Italian and English intellighenzia seemed to have quite similar worries about the way in which democracy and the social question were threatening representative institutions. The essay claims that, in both countries, the capability of "thinking over the crisis" allowed liberalism to deal successfully with the emergency.

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