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Summary 2001(3)


Ferdinando Tambroni's government and the July 1960 crisis (a cura di Andrea Guiso)

Our editorial! board discusses the July 1960 political crisis with a small group of journalists and politicians who witnessed those events.
The discussion points out how relevant the opposition of catholic hierarchies, vested interests and part of the Christian Democratic party lo the centre-left was in the episode of Tambroni's government. The neo-fascist party, Msi, also played an important role, divided as it was between those who did not want to abandon an anti-system stance and those who wanted to gain new legitimacy by supporting the government. The demonstrations and protests of July I960 were certainly inspired and organised by the Communist and Socialist parties and Trade Unions. However, they were also caused d by the tense social climate of that difficult period. The debate also shows July I960 as a watershed in the political evolution of the Christian Democratic party in the early Sixties. By demonstrating that the party could not form a governing majority together with the Msi, the Tambroni crisis considerably weakened all those who opposed the centre-left both within and without the Dc.

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