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Summary 2003(1)


The cultural front of the Cold War: the Congress for Cultural Freedom as an experiment in transnational warfare (Michael Hochgeschwender)

This essay analyses the Cold war as a conflict between rivalling system of societal order dealing with differing modes of modernization and different ways of overcoming modernization crises. As the Cold War was an international conflict, the research schedule had to be international as well. Furthermore this article analyses some cultural elements and their specific place within the broader framework of transnational conflict. In order to do so, after a short introduction into the various fields of the Cold War research and the major problems they raise, the essay tries to integrate culturalist approaches into the classical way of dealing with the Cold War, Thus, it exemplifies the fruitfulness of this approach with the help of the history of the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its impact on the American hegemonic system after 1950. In conclusion the article points out the ideological offer of the CCF, a "Westernizing consensus liberalism", its history and its cultural and propagandistic activities.

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