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Summary 2007(3)


Antisemitism in Fascist Ideology (Giovanni Belardelli)

The essay falls into the debate about the Fascist attitude toward racial theories and especially about Mussolini’s own adhesion to antisemitism. In opposition to the common interpretation which dates back the racial policy roots to the beginning of the dictatorship, in 1922, or even before, to Mussolini «socialist» period, Belardelli claims that it is necessary to make a distinction between the period «before» and that «after» the Ethiopic war and the establishment of the racial laws. In fact, stressing this rupture doesn’t mean to attenuate the censure of Fascist antisemitism but, on the contrary, it empathizes how much it became discriminating and persecuting after 1938. That racial policy surely was a «logical» consequence, not regarding to Mussolini’s own political development, but as regards to his decision to proceed with the edification of a totalitarian state. Only in this sense, the racial laws could be considered a fixed course not only in strengthening the alliance with Hitler, but also in the construction of a «new man» and a «new society», in which there was no place for the Jews, since they embodied the same bourgeois values that Fascism wanted to get rid of.

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