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Summary 2008(1)


From Barton to Rove: Advertisement and Politics in the United States during the «American Century» (Ferdinando Fasce)

This essay reexamines postwar American politics by analysing the role of advertising and public relations professionals. It focuses on the role and techniques from successive generations of spin doctors rather than on the content of their messages, their effect on the democratic process, or issues of race and gender. The development of an advertising business culture beginning in the 1940s lead in the long term to the rise of a new profession of political consultants who brought techniques form the private sector into the political sphere. Building his essay on the rich historiography of consumption, society and citizenship, and on literature drawn from political science and communication studies, Fasce argues for a revaluation of historical mutations in the relationship between political organizations, media and the electorate. By considering these three elements in relation, the author demonstrates the crucial role of admen and political consultants in the transition from a «democracy of parties» to a «democracy of public opinion».

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