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Summary 2008(3)


Some recent studies on Romolo Murri (Marco Severini)

The article intends to discuss the new historiography on Romolo Murri. In particular, the author examines some recent historical works that deal with the experience of Murri during the Fascist period, and that allow now to overcome the traditional inclination to consider only the Christian-Democratic experience of the Marche’s catholic priest and politician. In addition to discussing the recent scholarship on Murri and Fascism, the author suggests an innovative methodological approach by dealing with the journalistic production of Murri, who was editor of the Bologna’s daily «Il Resto del Carlino» from 1919 to 1942. According to the author, the 23 years Murri spent working at the «Carlino» have not yet been thoroughly studied, and this makes finally possible a critical and careful reconstruction of this missing link in Murri’s life.

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