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Summary 2011(1)


The last breeding ground of Nazi violence (Loreto Di Nucci)

The aim of this article is to analyze one of the last examples of the Nazi violence occurred on the eve of the Hitler’s capitulation. In particular, it focuses on the case of a group of Italian prisoners of war, captured by the Nazis and detained in several concentration camps. While American and British air forces were bombing the main industrial and urban German sites, provoking the collapse of industrial production and, ultimately, the breakdown of the regime, Nazi frustration increased and degenerated into indiscriminate violence against «internal enemies», as looters, foreigners and, specifically, Italians, formers allies now redefined as new traitors. Arrests, deportations and mass executions multiplied, as in the case of Hildesheim, a tiny city in Lower Saxony, where approximately two hundreds Italians were executed, including a public official, Paolo Potena, who unsuccessfully but heroically tried to convince his murderers of his innocence.

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