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Summary 2011(2)


The «last Christian Democracy»? Looking back on the leadership of Zaccagnini: a Dialogue between Corrado Belci, Guido Bodrato and Paola Gaiotti de Biase (Michele Marchi)

Corrado Belci, Guido Bodrato and Paola Gaiotti de Biase gave their opinions of proand witnesses about one of the crucial turning points of post-1945 Italian political history and, in particular; the history of Christian Democracy (DC). The five year Zaccagnini leadership took place during the complex process of modernization and crisis, when Italian democracy faced the double challenge of economic decline and terrorismo. At that time, DC was gradually losing its wide and motley Catholic constituwhich was signed by secularization and turmoil after the Vatican Council II in 1968. Both the death of Aldo Moro, and the national solidarity governments, underthe "third stage" of the Catholics party "self-reform", that Zaccagnini outlined at the beginning of his leadership.

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